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and a woman is killed after getting hit on the freeway near the airport. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. you can see from this live shot, the bay bridge, we have some dense fog around the bay. in fact, visibilities reduced significantly. if you are headed out early be careful. here are some of the visibility reduced already. we are talking anywhere from about a third to an eighth of a mile newspaper the north bay and also around san francisco we are looking at the fog. eats coming in from the ocean. this morning we will have the fog right on through the 9:00 hour, then is begins to evaporate and we will see numbers in the mid-and upper 60ths. another sunny, dry day but we are beginning to see a pattern change a cup he more dry days before a pretty vigorous storm heads our way. details on that coming up.
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carolyn. >> thank you. a fatal accident on highway 101 last night backed up traffic for hours last night near the errant. it happened near south airport boulevard just after 1:00. a female pedestrian was struck by cars and killed. the chp immediately closed all all the northbound lanes between grand avenue and oyster point. the woman died at the scene, leaving investigators with little information to go on. >> it was a female in her mid-20s, early 30s at this time but it's all under investigation. we don't know if she was walking across the freeway or dropped off so that's still under investigation. >> northbound traffic was diverted around the scene using highway 380 and san bruno avenue as detours. new this morning san francisco police are investigating a collision between two s.u.v.s that injured two people and knocked out power to the area.
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it was near paul meadow avenue. the collision occurred just before 11:30 last night. injuries said to be minor despite all the damage. one s.u.v. rolled over and another took out a power pole and damaged a house, as you see there. the power has since been restored. 42 people were arrested and an officer injured after a party got out of control in san jose late friday night. it began just before 11:00 on pat avenue and lasted for nearly six hours. san jose police say an officer trying to break up the party was injured when people threw bottles at him. someone even tried to drag the officer into the backyard. he was able to get away. police say partygoers started jumping over fences when they arrived. but one woman at the party sees things differently. >> did you see any police officers? >> yes, i seen police officers. there was like 50 of them. >> and what were they doing? >> being aggressive.
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>> thirty-three adults and nine juveniles were taken into custody. in all two police officers were injured. it took 60 officers to restore order. a touching memorial service this weekend for a man who was shot and killed by armed robbers outside a 711 store last week. this morning both suspects are in custody. rory park pettiford was killed by two men who went on a crime spre november 16th. friends and family remembered the 22-year-old. abc7 news reporter john alston was at the service. >> reporter: hugs and tears outside the campbell funeral home where dozens of friends and family members shared their memories of 22 year ordinary rory park pettiford, the young man caught up in last week's crime spre. >> i will never, ever get over this. if he were just a friend i would never get over it because he was such a special person. not just a son but a special person.
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>> every day i have to stop and i have to think about how i miss him, how i can't believe that this is true. >> on friday night of last week park pettiford as shot to death as two tasked men tried to carjack him at the 711 store on south carly boulevard. that night the gunman also shot and wounded a san jose officer after committing armed robbery at four businesses. 26-year-old jonathan was arrested after a short manhunt but his alleged partner was on the lose until afternoon. that person is a 15-year-old boy from san jose who was arrested at an apartment complex in concord. police have no information on the concord connection or the relationship between the man and the teenager. >> that's not determined yet. there's nothing that either one of them provided, at least that the investigator shared with me. >> rory park pettiford's brother announced the arrest of the 15-year-old at the memorial
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service today. >> me and rory actually grew up with some of the members that are in the san jose police force and when they found out rory was the victim, they really pulled out all the stops. i'm really thankful that they found both of these gentlemen. >> rory's father talked about the 15-year-old suspect. >> let me say to his parents that i know that you are probably grieving also. because not only did they take rory's lives but they took their own lives by doing such a heinous thing and my prayers go out to them. >> he is in jail on a murder charge that makes him eligible for the death penalty in convicted. the juvenile is in juvenile hall. they will determine if the boy will be tried as an adult. police are not talking about a motive and the $20,000 reward will not be handed out because none of the tips they received led to the arrest. abc7 news. a pilot who died in a small plane crash has now been identified as a danville man.
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officials say russell hackettler, an east bay veterinarian, died in friday's crash." it happened about a mile south of the airport. this is the scene near san andreas. the plane is described as an experimental aircraft. hackettler was the only one on board. developing news this morning. good samaritans rushed to help in a fiery crash this morning on i-80 in crockett, but it was too late. abc7 news reporter kera clapper joins us live from the scene with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. as you mentioned, it was too late. the california highway patrol said one person died in the crash. it happened about 2:20 this morning. this is the scene right any on westbound 80. actually the two left lanes, the fast lane and the middle lane, reopened within the last three minutes. reports are, as i mentioned, that the accident happened just now nearly about three hours
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ago. a passerby called to report the collision and soon after the unusual-four sedan caught fired. good samaritans, a couple motorists stopped to extinguish it. it is not clear if anyone else was in the car but one person did die. they are aren't estimating when the slow lane will be reopened, mainly when the flares burn out. that's the latest from row dare row, abc7 news. thank you. coming up next, a tragic fire in bangladesh kills more than 100 people. also, we will tell you when the u.s. supreme court might rule on same-sex marriage. and natural players still -- nhl players locked out but that's not keeping fans away from the ice. ice. minor league team you know how much grandma
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>> new this morning at 112 people are dead after a fear raced through a factory in bangladesh last night. it was outside the country's capitol. another twelve people died trying to jump from upper floors. the death toll could rise as recovery efforts continue. bangladesh has about 4,000 gameet factories, many operating without proper safety measures. the $20 billion in annual clothing exports mostly gets shipped to the u.s. and europe. in the middle east a tragal cease-fire is taking place between israel and hamas but will it last? that is the question coming up
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on abc's "this week." don't miss this week with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 here on abc7. new this morning the u.s. supreme court justices will go behind closed doors this week to decide whether now is the time to rule on same-sex marriage. today's l.a. times reports on friday the court will sift through appeals on california's prop session 8 and the national defense of marriage act. for justices the issue is not just what to decide, but when it should be decided. in the past the court has been criticized for waiting too long or moving too quickly to recognize constitutional rights. lockout national hockey league players hit the ice last night in new jersey raising money for super storm sandy victims. it is the first game since the lackout began in september. the charity game was called
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operation hat trick. tickets sold for 20 to $100 each, each, and the nll players association plans to slow in an additional $20,000 on top of what they raise. 422 regular season hockey games have been cancelled so far and friday the nhl pulled the plug on the all-star weekend. but the lockout isn't all bad news. it's giving local minor leaguers a chance to shine. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard follows sharks fans to the cow palace where the san francisco bulls play. >> reporter: call it major league hockey without all the glitz. >> kettle corn! >> or the glamour. >> high-fiving the bulls, right? yes! yes! >> the san francisco bulls, a minor league team, is playing their ninth home game but already have a lying following
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from the sharks fans who have no team right now. >> all i have seen here, whatever level, they are well-matched and they are exciting. >> you miss the sharks? >> yeah, definitely. >> these guys are pretty good, though, right? >> yeah, pretty good. >> this is henry's second balls game. his mom and dad are hooked. >> we live in the city and we are happy to be here tonight. >> the bulls manager said the lackout has been good for the new team. >> the sharks fan support is great and the lockout can only benefit us, as sad as it is. >> but it's given the sharks coach a new job as assistant coach. >> i feel like it's making the most of a bad situation with the lockout. >> ticket prices for bulls games average about 20 bucks, last price of a sharks game. >> everything is a little more expensive at a sharks game. >> i like the sharks and i'm a bulls fan.
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>> about 3,000 fans attended the game and in the end the bulls beat the stockton thunder 6-3. not only or hicks affordable, the price of hot dogs and refreshments won't break the bank either, about five or six dollars for them. abc7 news. snow in the bay area? well, it happened yesterday in san rafael. it wasn't falling from the sky. a snow making machine cranked out several tons of snow despite the sunny skies above, helping transport families to a snowy play land. several blocks of fourth street -- i don't think she likes that. several blocks were closed off to make it safe to shop and sled for those who do like it, you know. it's the first time probably for her to see something like that. lisa argen is here now. no real snow in the forecast. >> no, 66 degrees yesterday in san rafael. and up the road 72 in santa rosa. right now we have a lot of dense fog out there. here's the shark tank where
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visibility in san jose has been reduce today half a mile. to mountain view, looking at foggy conditions as well as oakland with an eighth of a mile. we will talk about when it will lift and when the rain returns which is pretty soon. that's coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also up next stanford location up a spot in the pac-12 title game, beating ucla last night in southern california. mike shumann has the highlights what are you doing there? i making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed!
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>> welcome back, it's 5:18 on sunday, november tag. have you come out of your turkey festivities? this zoo look at the golden gate bridge. it will be unseasonably warm. lisa argen will be along in just a bit with the full accuweather forecast. just a few hours east there's all the snow you could want for skiing. heavenly, north wood, squaw valley and kirk wood resorts all open for the season. kirk wood opened 45% of its terrain and five lifts yesterday. this week the sierra is expected to see more snow, which is going to allow several more resorts to open. boy, they are ready for that business, lisa. >> yeah, it's been high elevation snow, about
5:19 am
7,000 feet. the first system once again will be on the mild side. but as we head out right now we have chilly spots. this is the bay bridge, what we can see from the bay bridge. looking at lots of fog out there. 7:01 is the official sunrise is setting 4:53. obviously the fog a big problem around the bay with the light winds and we are talking about it really from the north to south. and right now sfo not a problem but that will change likely in the next hour or so. so live doppler 7 hd showing the sweep on top of mount saint helena. still a couple dry days before we pick up some rain from our next system that promises not only the rain, but some pretty good wind, as well. so first things first. look at the difference between the numbers. in napa, 36. 50 down in san jose with 40 in livermore. but everyone looking at the reduced visibility. in fact, around the bay, and this should increase as we go
5:20 am
through the morning hours into concord and livermore. you are pretty good right now but look at the half-mile in san jose. an eighth of a mile in oakland with less than a quarter mile in novato and reduced visibility through napa, santa rosa. and even though this looks okay now in parts of our east bay, expect conditions to deteriorate throughout the morning hours. so a lot of that fog out there. so with the light winds and cool temperatures, it will take time to evaporate. here we go through the rest of the morning hours. see how it moves into the east bay. 9:00 this morning, still sitting over the delta and around haywood and fremont. it won't be until really about the 11:00 hour we see mostly sunny conditions. patchy, dense fog around the bay with cooler conditions. no 70s today. more-likely 60s around the bay. that's still above average. normal highs 60 do 62 degrees around the bay. we look for the rainy patter to
5:21 am
return by tuesday night. here's a look with the high pressure ridge still in control, although it is weakening. with a few high clouds coming our way we will have some hazy sunshine today. that will work to cool us off. by tomorrow we are still dry but late tuesday we get into the next system here and this will allow for the low to set up along the coast and bring that windy conditions and rainy conditions. so the rest of the day today looking pretty good. we will take you through monday. still looking dry. and then as we head toward tuesday night notice the cloud cover and the cold front sits offshore. should be pushing through early wednesday morning. temperatures today mainly in the mid-60s. still a nice afternoon. 67 oakland with 68 santa rosa, mid-60s in san jose so it's about four degrees above the average and even milder here from gilroy 69, 68 hollister, with mid-60s in monterey. the abc news whenever seven-day forecast, we've trimmed off at least 6 degrees today, a couple
5:22 am
more tomorrow. still with the sun and the patchy fog. by tuesday it should be mostly cloudy. the rain comes in early morning. it should be a sloppy wednesday morning commute. a break thursday and more win and rain next weekend. it is that time of year. >> yes, but at least it stayed dry through the holidays. >> yeah, that was nice. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. carson palmer returns to cincinnati to face his old team when oakland plays the bengals. and at 1:25 the niners are in new orleans. we will finally see whether coach jim harbaugh is starting collin kaepernick or alex smith. last night stanford had a chance to clinch the pac-12 north if they could beat ucla in south pasadena. here's mike with the highlights. >> good morning. kickoff with a little college football. stanford had to beat ucla yesterday to advance to the pac-12 title game against ucla.
5:23 am
stanford had beaten the bruins three times coming up. the opening play, 75-yard drive opening. findth reefer, wide open to the end zone, 7-0 stanford in a flash. brent huntley, and foray. ties the game at 7. stanford showing off the wildcat. anthony takes the snap and takes a right up the gut. ten yards for the touchdown, 14-7, stanford. next drive, stefhon taylor breaks through. taylor set a school record, 21, 100-yard games. third quarter. picked. 22nd straight game with a turnover for stanford's defense. that's fourth longest in the nation. look at this catch. he had to squeeze it against his helmet. what a play. that led to taylor's second touchdown of the game, 142 yards, 20 carries and only 3 quarters of work. stanford wins 34-17.
5:24 am
they face ucla on friday at stanford for the pac-12 championship. >> we came out here, take it one step at a time. i know it's a game we needed to win. we came out here, tried to get the detail like i said, one play at a time and everything go right. >> we had an old-fashioned shootout at spartan stadium. the spartans hosting louisiana tech. david came out swinging. connects with hansel out of the backfield. 42-yard touchdown. the spartans trailed 27-24 at the half. third quarter. up the middle. third touchdown of the game. he had 217 yards rushing. spartans up 38-37. north quarter, louisiana tech. to quinton patton. bulldogs down 45-43. midway through the fourth. to carr. watch this catch. amazing. play was reviewed and upheld. 26-yard touchdown. spartansen the year 10-2 with a
5:25 am
52-43 victory. let's jump to the hardwood. warriors back-to-back games. losing friday night in denver but turned it it around last night against minnesota. warriors have taken the last nine of 11 from the t-wolves. this game is about amazing shots. check it out. 99 out of 100 times he will miss the shot. lee ended with 17 on the night. not to be outdone, rookie harrison barns, posterrized! look at the warriors bench of. they go while. klay thompson led the way in the second half. 24. is that shot pure or what are? warriors outscore the t-wolves 24-11. and warriors look good as they improve to 8-6 on the year. 96-85, that final. raidners senate and, of course, the 49ers in new orleans. i will have the highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. coming up next, shopping for a cause. why many shoppers are spending the weekend contributing to
5:26 am
their community. >> i'm seeking not really a program but just a place to stay. >> making a difference in one. bay area's toughest neighbors. the center that's rescuing l
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tomorrow is cyber monday. the online version of black friday when internet bargains are offer to boost online retail sales. but today small business owners are hoping their registers keep on ringing in the afterglow of small business saturday. yesterday president obama and his daughter, sasha and malia took part by shopping at a back store in arlington, virginia." bay area merchants are also seeing more traffic as some shoppers make a point of supporting local merchants. >> you want people to invest back in their community, which you feel like they do when they shop small. >> this is that store's second year participating in small business saturday. a nationwide effort started in 2010 to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. black friday shoppers did not spend as much as they did last year, according to super track. consumers spent just over $11 billion. that's down 1.8% from last year.
5:30 am
home shoppers may make up the difference. online sales went up nearly 21% from last year. now to a different kind of shopping frenzy. the manager of a dollar store in tennessee is accused of attacking customers for using coupons. these two women are extreme couponners. last week they wanted to save money at a few dozen items at the dollar store. the manager refused to honor their coupons. they said she threatened to call the police on them. but while walking out of the store they say the manager attacked one of them. >> you can see i have -- i have broken blood vessels. who would have thought, we are using coupons, trying to save money for our family. >> well, the store manager has been charged with maryland -- misdemeanor assault. >> the economy is hitting nonprofits hard. some of those dedicated to helping others now need help
5:31 am
themselves. we learned about an organization in contra costa county in richmond's dangerous eastern triangle neighborhood. it's a beacon of hope for the homeless and drug addicts across the bay area. >> walk into the doors of the bay area rescue mission and you know right away this isn't your typical center serving the homeless and drug addicted. >> trying to do everything your own is not going to work. you need god. this place offers that. >> you have to have a new mind-set. >> people tell you that you shouldn't do it, but nobody tells you why. i get to be a sounding board for the leads who have gone through the same things that i have. >> thirty years ago i was a homeless cocaine addict myself. >> when john anderson speaks, they really listen. and it's not just because he went from being a successful businessman. >> at age 29 i spent $65,000 a year on cocaine and my life was falling apart. i walk away from everything and
5:32 am
ended up homeless on the streets in san diego. job skills training, education, family skills, life skills, helping people so they have the tools so when they are ready to leave the rescue mission, they can be successful. >> sherwin harrison came here from oakland back in 1994 after losing it all to drugs. he remembers exactly where he was sleeping when he decided to change his life. >> i came just seeking really not a program, but just a place to stay. a place to lay my head and get some rest. really i thought i was going to go out and have another run. but the lord had other plans for me. >> more than $8 million worth of food, clothing and other items comes to the bay aeros stew mission every year. about a third of that they keep. the rest they donate to other charities or it goes directly to people living in this community. >> we weathered most of the
5:33 am
economic challenges fairly well. but here recently the donations really dropped off to the point that we had to lay off five people, five of our staff members, and cutback on expenses the best that we could. >> he said one-fourth of the staff is made up of graduates from the recovery program, and like maxine, what they bring to the table is invaluable. >> so if you would like to help the bay area rescue mission, you can call 510-215-4555. we also have a link to their website on abc7 also if your group would like to host a abc7 listen event, go to and click where it says "community." a 77-year-old woman reported miss big her family on thanksgiving day has been found safe thanks to a tweet by redwood city police. as darkness took hold thursday night police sent out a text
5:34 am
alert to their facebook and twitter accounts. less than 15 minutes a woman called to say she had seen that missing woman on her street. victim, who just arrived from japan and spoke no english was located and return to her family in good shape. turkeys are not the only birds dreading the holidays. birds posing a danger to holiday travelers at san jose minetta airport will be shot at with guns. the san jose mercury news reports city leaders last week approved an ordinance change to allow airport staffers to shoot at birds to clear them from the airfield. birds pose a danger to jets bus they often get struck by planes. they can also get suck into the engines resulting it in planes losing power. if scaring the birds doesn't clear them out, the airport now has permission to load buckshot and shoot them. san francisco and oakland parents already allow that practice. n.a.s.a. will announce historic news about a discovery
5:35 am
on mars in a little more than a week in san francisco. n.a.s.a. scientists say the curiosity recover found something interesting in the soil. they aren't saying what just yet, though they do say it will be one for the history books. right now they are double checking their data. they want to make sure everything is correct. the announcement will be made at the american geophysical union meeting which tapes december 3 through the 7th. coming up, a little known bay area post office is like a step back through time. how it could be threatened by budget cuts. and this is a live look from our watermark cam showing you downtown san francisco all lit up. lisa argen will have your forecast in
5:36 am
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>> welcome back. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge but you really can't see much of anything. it is socked in by fog. our director says our camera is on auto focus and because of that fog it's having a hard time even focusing there to show you a little bit of something. but all of that is going to lift
5:39 am
and later on today there is going to be a bit of hazy sun. lisa argen predicts the temperature around 64 degrees. she will be along with the full accuweather forecast in just a few. the u.s. postal service is dealing with a $12 billion deficit and among the closers and cutbacks a local post office. as abc7 news reporter wayne friedman found out, it's a throwback and a gem mostly to the woman who runs it. >> if you look closely you might see yourself in a time-lapse that is symbolic of our world. relax as you can, our destination lies beyond the freeway past this suburb, through the redwoods to a place the urban world does not penetrate. a community identified mostly by its post office. here it is, the one known for hardly ever having a line. >> most the time it's empty? >> most the time. >> do you ever get lonely in here? >> no. >> lonely should be the last
5:40 am
word to describe elana. post office 94516 in canyon serves about 194 residents n a community with no door-to-door deliveries, everybody picks their mail here. >> you know all the names? >> yes, i do. >> all the addresses. >> yes, i do. >> all the quirks. >> yep. >> all the family history. >> yep. >> all the stuff you are not supposed to know. >> yeah, all the stuff some of it i wish i didn't know so much. >> you know everything about everybody. >> i pretty much do. >> what she does not know how budget cutbacks from the postal office will affect her and this office. >> i'm actually not supposed to talk to you about it. >> you can't? >> right. it's called the post plan. >> one possibility is that the postal service may cutback hours here and replace elana with a part-time person. that doesn't please the locals and doesn't please her. >> i love seeing my neighbors every day. i love delivering the mail to them. >> it's the seen of our community. >> so this runs in the family?
5:41 am
>> yeah. >> three general raggings ago her grandparents ran the general store and post office in this very same spot. they passed down a standard of service that's outhitched its time. to the people of canyon, 94516 isn't just a building. how's the baby? >> awesome. >>ed 4516 is a person. >> she's a friend of the neighborhood and everyone relies on her. >> 94516 is an attitude in sid and out. >> i've never seen anybody doing stretches out there, actually. >> is that a violation of federal law? >> i don't think so. but he found a dry spot to sit down so, hey. >> with that elana she returned to work. there's not as much mail as it used to be but it's enough to keep her busy. if you want to mail something, anything, she'll take care of it. for now, at least. >> so you are in limbo? >> i am. >> how is that? >> it doesn't feel good. >> in canyon, wayne freed man, abc7 news. cute story. lisa argen here now talking
5:42 am
about the weather. we saw all that fog out there. what's going on? >> well, we have a dense fog advisory in our north bay valleys but the fog is not confined to the north bay. it's everywhere, the south bay and east bay. here's i-80. you can barely see anything. we are looking north toward berkeley. the east bay with about an eighth mile visibility around oakland. the fog will be with us throughout the next several hours. pretty dangerous out there. do be careful. we will talk about when it will lift. the forecast for the rest of the weekend and the rainy week ahead. that's next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, hitchcock goes behind the scenes of how psycho was made. abc7 news arts entertainment reporter gives his report on the isle. >> and i
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:45. thanks for waking up and watching the abc7 sunday morning news. we appreciate your company, as we round out this holiday weekend. this is a live look at san jose from our san jose cam. you see the scene there really shrouded in fog. it's going to lift today and be around 66 degrees. that from lisa argen, who will be along in just a few. have you ever had an aol account? you could still be paying for it and not even realize. maybe you pay for an aol account because us don't want to louse your e-mail address. either way, 7 on your side's michael finney has a report you should see. >> debbie operates a successful catering company and much of her business is booked through her aol e-mail account.
5:46 am
>> i signed up and they had the e-mail address that i wanted and now i continue to keep it because a lot of my customers, i do a lot of corporate catering and they leave the company, you know, but they remember my e-mail address so they will call. >> debbie pace $4.99 a month. she doesn't like paying that fee with all the free i mail accounts out there, but she feels like she has to keep the aol account. >> so have you asked them can i just keep the address and not pay you per month? >> yeah, and they told me it's $4.99. >> that isn't much, still $4.99 a month comes out to almost $60 a year. >> that's true. that is true. okay, so you are going to tell me i can get it for free? >> i'm not going to. this guy is. alex is the associate editor at p. c. world makezine. >> i know people who keep their old aol screen names to use them for old time sack but known i
5:47 am
know pays for them. aol offers a lot of services and some find benefit but alex said you don't have to hang to hang on to your aol e-mail address. >> it's relatively easy to downgrade it to a free level. all you have to do is log in and go to your account settings and select change my billing plan and downgrade to a cheaper account and if you want to have a free account you downgrade to free. >> even if you don't think you have a paid aol account it's world your time to pull out your credit card statements. the bill monitoring service,, says it finds customers died for dial-up service they thought they had abandoned a while ago. >> i recommend to the viewers, take a look. if you subscribed to it it may still be on your bill and you can take action quickly by calling them up and having it canceled. >> we've been in contact with aol but haven't received any information from the company on
5:48 am
the issues. to see if you are paying for your aol e-mail and want to change it to a free service if you want, i posted a link on our website. go to and click on the "7 on your side" page. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we had glorious weather for all the folks who came into town and those who live here. we can all enjoy it. >> we still have good weather. high pressure will still hold on for a couple days. beneath that high pressure religion there is very dense fog this morning. as we head outside, the east bay camera, you can still see the bay bridge and the visibility has been reduced to about an eighth of a mile in the east bay. but that's not the worst spot. with have it in the south bay and a dense fog advisory through 9:00 this morning for the valleys of the north bay where visibility has been reduced to less than a quarter of a mile. so everyone in the pea soup this morning. good morning, live doppler 7 hd not showing any precipitation.
5:49 am
but that will change. we have another 48 hours or so of some dry weather before we look for the rain and wind to head our way in this first system. so the dense fog anywhere from an eighth to a quarter mile visibility, particularly here in our north bay valleys. but as i showed you that live shot, you will see in oakland with the reduced visibility, napa, novato, santa rosa and all the way down through mountain view and san jose. the visibility in the next hour will be reduced perhaps at sfo so you can expect some flight delays. also into the livermore valleys. so you folks not immune to that either. it looks right on through 9:00. here we are. at 6:00 you will notice how the fog really settles in to these low-lying valleys and it's going to take until, oh, maybe 10:00, 11:00 until that evaporates and then some hazy sunshine. with the cooler temperatures and fog we are looking at that widespread this morning. mid-30s napa. 39 in fairfield with 54 and the fog in oakland.
5:50 am
50 in san jose. 54 along the coast. so it's a patchy fog this morning. we are looking for slightly cooler numbers today so it doesn't look like you will see the low 70s return. still above the average. usually we should so low 60s this time of year. about midday to 2:00 in the afternoon we will see more of the sunshine and the numbers should take us into the mid-60s. the rainy pattern looks like it is going to return on tuesday night. so high pressure still sits off the coast. we've got the fog underneath the high and a few high clouds. some hazy sunshine today. it's going to take a little while for the system to move our way so we have a dry beginning of the week, some cloudy skies on tuesday. then there's a quick mover. i think we will see stronger winds than rain with this system. so enjoy that dry day today and a dry start to back to work on cyber monday. then by tuesday cloudy skies. we will stay dry but look what
5:51 am
lurks offshore over the overnight hours. really through 4:00, 5:00, it looks like the main band of rain heads our way but out ahead of it we will teal the effects with the wind. so today temperatures should be mild. still a nice afternoon with numbers ranking from 64 san francisco, that's down about 4 degrees from yesterday. 67 in oakland. 66 in san jose. so quite a ways to go to get there. and this afternoon look for the numbers to be even milder here with some upper 60s morgan hill. you have to go down to salinas to reach the lower 70 mark. a few degrees cooler with all the dense fog this morning. it will take a while to warm up. more soon shine tomorrow. here come for clouds on tuesday and the rain. wednesday and our break comes thursday but another system friday, saturday. so this one is going to tap into that what we call subtropical moisture. it's going to be a warmer system. >> so people heading out today especially out of sfo really need to check ahead? >> absolutely. yeah. >> all right.
5:52 am
thank you, lisa. this seems to be alfred hitchcock's year. there's been a tv movie about him and the birds and in theaters this weekend the film "hitchcock." the story of the making of psycho. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has his review on the isle. >> i need something fresh. something different. >> it was the knife that a moment later covered with screams and her head. charming. doris day should do it as a musical. >> anthony hopkins at alfred hitchcock and helen muir as his wife. the studio said no, the sensors said no. >> this book "psyche" is dangerously entertaining. >> you can't take any of this too seriously. you left laughs in the little film. hitchcock said the only way to get it made was to finance it
5:53 am
himself. >> will we have to sell the whole house or just the pool? >> this film says she suggested killing off the leading lead in the first half-hour. scarlett johansson plays janet lee. >> i'm an actress, of course, but i'm first a wife and a mother and i'm just curious to know how are you going to shoot this shower scene? >> more anger! >> more frightening, thanks to he will ma assuetuditying. the film finally gives her recognition. cozy. >> i think anthony hopkins looks a lot-like billy crystal doing hitchcock. it's unintentionally funny. plays more like fix although there are interesting insights into behind the scene hole woods. remind me of some of the films from the 50s. i'm surprised they are releasing it now with all the awards
5:54 am
potential movies coming out. it is what it is and i will give hitchcock a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news and we will see you on the isle. coming up next, lottery fever. a record jackpot of $425 million is just days away. we will tell you if you will be able ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪
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[ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto
5:57 am
plus. no one got all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $15 million. there were also no winners in the $325 million power ball drawing last night. it was the fourth largest ever. this wednesday night's jackpot estimated at a whopping $425 million. that's the largest ever power ball has played in 33 states. unfortunately not here in california. coming up next at six, a dangerous night on the roads. a fiery crash on interstate 80 kills one person and shuts down the freeway. and a woman is killed after getting hit on 101 near the san francisco airport.
5:58 am
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